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Давненько я в блог ничего не писал, дела знаете ли... Да и интересного ничего не было. Но не теперь!

В общем началось все более года назад. Один из моих читателей, поросил почту с привязкой к пал-пей (или как-то так). От благодарности было сложно отказаться и я завел кошелек, куда практически на следующий день упала приятная сумма, причем не в деревянных. Поясню, я живу далеко от Столицы, и доллары видел только на картинках (да-да, бывает и такое). Но не суть.

Я не зная что делать, в благодарность отправил первые две главы 2 мутанта на обратный адрес, опять же, не прося ничего в замен. В итоге завязалась долгая и продуктивная переписка.

Новый знакомый предложил перевести мутанта и заняться его продвижением "за бугром". Как мы обо всем договорились и делимся, опять же не суть. 

Особенно меня прикололо письмо, отправленное создателям Фаллаут. Често, я бы побоялся даже пиариться и рекламировать себя, а тут такое. 

Как по мне - очень забавно, а главное достаточно прибыльно) Ниже текст одного из писем. 

To whom it may concern.

As you may know the genre of literature called "Lit RPG" is fresh emerging. With gaming industry growing every year this genre is gaining more and more readers and fans.

Your game "Fallout" is one of those games that has its Gan base and a following. However there can never be too many fans. One of those fans all the way in Russia happened to be an amazing writer. His creativity was influenced by the Fallout universe. As a result he wrote a novel fan mm that gained popularity in the genre of "Lit RPG" where the main character is submerged in to full immersion virtual reality and is forced to survive in the process dell gaining levels, gaining perks and developing his new virtual character. The book is full of descriptions of the surrounding post apocaapocalyptic world as well as the details of character and his development water and and adventure through the wasteland.

The main character is a scientist in a top secret military base conducting research. When the lab is under attack all personnel find safety in deep sleep capsules. Some centuries after they are discovered by a fleet of space miners and according to their laws are place forcibly placed in to a virtual reality game to promote "adaptation to current society". Their goal for the first day is just to survive first 24 hours without an interface nor help from the system or anyone. If they are able to do they are given an epic quest to do as well as to develop their in game character.


As a result of a struggle to survive the main character becomes a mutant himself the most hunted thing in the wasteland by ban marauders and other players alike. In order to survive he has to fight mutated animals and creatures, radiation, and other players. He has to find other like him while trying to free his game sector from total domination by a powerful clan and save rest of his people.


Postapocalyptic world of fallout we all know and love that is full of mutants, robots and other players is immersing. This snook will keep you at the edge of your seat while providing a gaming element within a book. Current working title is "Mutant". The creation is open to any editing or modification.


This is an excellent opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in to a Fallout universe or can be further used as a plot for add on content or stand alone scenario.


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Что именно прибыльно?

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Виктор Казначеев, И да, лучше подготовиться.

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Фоллаут с утра было, не Фаллоут

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Ян Дагаз, аминь

Айрин Лига 04.10.2016, 20:04:57

Так создатели Fallout за использование идеи игры что, не потребовали своей доли? Это только в России идеи ничего не стоят, так как летают, дескать, в воздухе)

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Александр Гарин, Хе-хе)